Putting the “Personal” in Personal Injury Lawyer- Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer.

Personal Injury

When people are seriously injured, an Indiana personal injury lawyer should take their cases personally. That is, they should be willing to meet with the clients at the hospital, rehabilitation facility or home. They should personally interview the client and his or her family to find out what happened and what impact the accident had, and will continue to have, on their lives. They should explain the claims and workers compensation process. And they should care.

Your Indiana construction accident lawyer was reminded of this last week while meeting a new client and her family at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana in Indianapolis. After calling three personal injury law firms, we were contacted and went out to meet with the client and her family the next morning. They were naturally concerned about how to pay for the medical bills and we explained the interaction among health insurance, disability insurance, workers compensation and liability insurance. What was surprising to us was the other firms they contacted either did not return their calls or expected them to come to the lawyer’s office. As the client is being treated for paralysis, this seems impersonal at best. Every personal injury case is personal to the injured person, and should be to the lawyer as well. What defines a professional is a commitment to a higher calling than just making money, it is a commitment to service. That is why doctors and lawyers take oaths when they obtain their licenses. If a lawyer is too busy to meet with you at the beginning of your case, can you trust them to be there at the end?