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Indianapolis Workers Compensation Injury Lawyer – PGA Tour and Independent Contractors

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Your Indianapolis Indiana Workers Compensation Lawyer was watching the PGA Tour Players Championship tonight and starting wondering if “these guys are good” are carrying workers compensation coverage on themselves. I’m guessing NO! For some this could be a huge mistake – what if a tour player has a spine or back injury – or neck injury – or as Steve Stricker had last year, a shoulder injury that kept him out of work for several months? These guys are playing for millions of dollars – what if a “work related injury” keeps them from their craft?

Independent contractors and owners of Indiana businesses are no different! Every Indiana business owner should carry workers compensation insurance on him/herself – one never knows if you are going to be in a auto accident or some other work related accident that could cause significant medical needs and/or even wage replacement for when the Injured Indiana Independent Contractor can’t work or provide for his/her family.

The risk may be low – but check with your insurance agent and you might be surprised just how cheap coverage on an owner or independent contractor may be!