Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer: Trench Collapse is a Grave Concern For Indiana Workers

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Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer: Trench Collapse is a Grave Concern for Indiana Workers

Your Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis is working on a trench collapse that occurred in Kosciusko county. Our client, a laborer, was working in a trench repairing drain tile in a county ditch. Neither his employer nor the project owner provided or required a trench box, soil testing or safe sloping. The result was our client suffered paraplegia, and no longer has use of his legs.

In taking the deposition of the project superintendent for the county drainage board, it was apparent he was unaware of Indiana Code 4-13.6-5-12 that requires any public works project that involves trenching of 5 or more feet in depth incorporate OSHA regulations regarding trench safety into the contract documents.The trench safety provisions are to be included as a separate price item. This simple requirement, if adhered to, would have prevented a lifetime of pain and suffering for an Indiana worker and his family.

Your Indiana Construction Injury lawyer suspects the drainage board superintendent is not the only one unaware of this trench safety requirement. Most personal injury lawyers focus their practice on auto collisions, medical malpractice and the like. Matt Golitko and I committed ourselves to representing Indiana Workers, and have adopted the moniker WORK INJURY LAWYERS in all our dealings with clients, courts and other lawyers. We are also trademarking WE GO TO WORK WHEN YOU CAN’T because it says who we are and what we can do for you and your family following a trench collapse or other serious work related injury. Let us know if you need help.