Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer Presents: Stages of a Construction Accident Case: Settlement

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The lawyers of Golitko & Daly, P.C. have helped countless accident and injury victims in and around the greater Indianapolis area. Our team of attorneys have helped countless clients with lawsuits involving work injuries and construction accidents, helping them make smart choices when it comes to their legal rights and options.

We’d like to continue our exploration of the various phases of a legal claim and examining the issue of pre-trial settlements. Sometimes these may be better to pursue than a full trial.

What Is a Legal Settlement?

Simply put, a legal settlement is a resolution to a case that is made before a case proceeds to the trial phase. When a settlement is reached, two things typically happen. One, the plaintiff agrees to no longer pursue legal action against the defendant outlined in the complaint. Two, the defendant agrees to give the plaintiff a monetary reward of a specified amount as a result of this agreement. In some instances, the defendant may also perform a certain action in addition to or in lieu of the monetary payment.

How Common Are Legal Settlements?

Legal settlements are rather common. A number of cases are settled out of court each year. This also applies to major cases that involve celebrities and major companies or corporations.

The Advantages of Settlement Over a Full Trial

There are a number of advantages to settling out of court, which is why so many cases end in settlements rather than a trial.

Some advantages of taking a settlement over a trial are as follows:

  • Avoid the Expense of a Trial – Trials can be quite expensive, especially when they go on for some time. Settling out of court helps avoid these additional legal costs.
  • Less Time-Consuming Than a Trial – A trial can takes months and months to complete, which is why legal expenses can add up. Settlements avoid this long time spent in court.
  • Avoids the Stress of a Full Trial – The cost of a trial combined with the length of the proceedings can be quite stressful. Settling out of court helps eliminate the added stress of a trial.
  • Helps Various Matters Remain Private – As a trial continues, there is the chance that information of a personal nature or that you’d prefer to remain private will get out into the public. Settling out of court helps keep these matters private.
  • Offers More Certainty Than a Jury – It’s hard to predict if a jury will rule in your favor, even if you have a very strong case to present. By settling out of court, you can avoid the disappointment of a mistrial or an unfavorable ruling.

We Will Help You Make Advantageous Legal Decisions

There are many factors to consider when it comes to deciding if a settlement is right for your case. In certain instances, it may be better to see a case through to trial, especially if there is a potential social benefit for others. Of course, you have your own life, livelihood, and loved ones to consider as well.

Given the many concerns when it comes to settlements and trials, it’s important that you work with skilled workplace and construction accident attorneys such as those at our firm. We will work closely with you and provide strong guidance through every stage of the legal process. We are here to help you.

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