Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis Defends Contingency Fees for Clients

Construction Accidents

Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis Defends Contingency Fees for Clients.

Insurance companies hate contingency fees for injured workers because they level the playing field. Insurance companies pay their lawyers an hourly rate that is the same whether they are reading the mail or arguing in front of the Indiana Supreme Court. Most personal injury lawyers in Indiana and throughout the country work on a contingency fee basis, receiving a portion of the settlement or verdict rather than an hourly rate. The work injury lawyers at Golitko & Daly go a step further by advancing all lawsuit expenses and taking no fees or expenses until there is a recovery for our work injury and Indiana worker’s compensation clients. This allows our clients to receive competent, motivated lawyers who will take witness statements, hire experts and do whatever it takes to get the best possible result.

Without a contingency fee option, Indiana workers who were injured on the job would have to pay thousands of dollars in hourly fees with no risk on the part of the personal injury lawyer for a bad result. Most injured Indiana workers do not have the extra money after a construction or other workplace injury to pay a lawyer, or often even their mortgage and medical expenses. Insurance companies and their allies want to eliminate contingency fees in order to eliminate claims. The contingency fee is the middle classes key to the courthouse. Your Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer will fight to keep the courthouse open for ironworkers, masons, electricians, painters, laborers and factory workers.