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How to report a work injury

Workers' Compensation

Earning workers’ compensation for a workplace injury is not a guarantee. Even though it is a workplace benefit for many employees in this country, it is still possible to miss out on the compensation you need to cover the steep costs of a workplace injury. The first step in securing the compensation you deserve is properly filing your injury with your employer. Here are the first five steps you should take in after your injury:

Get medical attention

Your health always comes first after an accident. If you have been hurt on the job, seek medical attention immediately. The documentation from your medical treatment can also confirm your condition after your accident and provide you with supporting evidence in your compensation claim.

Alert your employer

In order for your employer to do their side of the work in a workers’ compensation claim, they first need to know about the accident. After you have received medical treatment for your injuries, report directly to your employer and inform them about the accident. You have 30 days to report this injury, so do not wait to do so.

Verify your employer filed the paperwork

The Employer’s Report of Injury form is a vital document that their insurer needs to receive. Your employer has seven days to submit the form, and you will usually receive a copy of this completed form when they submit it. If you do not receive this document near the deadline, get in touch with your employer to ensure they send the document.

Review the insurer’s decision

Once the insurance provider receives your compensation claim, they will decide if you qualify for benefits and how much you will receive if so. Once you receive confirmation of their decision, you now have the ability to respond to it. Rather than immediately accept the offer you receive, you have the option to negotiate, which brings us to the final step:

Consult with an attorney

Before you accept an offer for your workplace injury, speak with a workplace injury attorney about what you can do to make sure you have effectively reported your injury. Experienced legal representation can also help you build your strongest claim for compensation, which may increase the settlement you receive for your injuries.