Holding a Subcontractor Liable in a Construction Accident

Construction Accidents

Worker with hard helmetThere are many moving parts on a construction site, and any one of them can cause an injury. There is usually a large amount of heavy equipment on site, as well as several key players who are responsible for the safe operation of that equipment. Sometimes it can be difficult to ascertain which party is doing what, and who is in charge of certain tasks.

Holding a subcontractor liable in a construction accident can be tricky. The Indianapolis, IN lawyers at Golitko and Daly have experience breaking down the components of construction accidents so the proper parties are held responsible.

What Causes a Construction Accident?

Construction sites can be commercial, personal, or even related to your job. Many different people are involved in the construction process, and the use of heavy equipment is almost always a part of any construction project. Even when every safety precaution is taken, an accident may occur, so it is important to know what types of things might cause an accident on a construction site.

Some common examples include:

  • Heavy machinery that is either not being operated as intended, or has not been properly maintained. When large cranes and forklifts fail to function as designed, the results can be disastrous.
  • Ladders and lift buckets are often used to get to out of reach places on construction sites. The danger associated with the height of this equipment is severe, as a fall from a ladder or bucket can cause life-threatening injuries.
  • Bulldozers are meant to move large amounts of dirt or other substances easily, but can cause injuries if the operator makes a mistake or if the equipment is not working correctly.

The first step to your case is identifying the cause of your injury. Thereafter, an examination as to which parties were obligated to perform certain tasks is necessary. This two-step process makes it clear how your injuries took place, and who is responsible for making you whole again.

Responsible Parties for Construction Site Injuries

Commercial construction jobs are generally undertaken by large construction firms, with hundreds or thousands of employees. The staff typically consists of an overseer, several supervisors, and general laborers. Any one of these people can be the cause of an accident, by either not doing the job as specified or providing an unsafe construction plan. If an accident happens as the result of the negligence of one of these persons, the construction company in charge of the job is usually at fault.

However, in some cases, the company will hire out certain components of the job to a subcontractor who has just as many employees on staff. Figuring out which party is responsible is a key part to bringing a case for a construction site injury. A careful analysis of the scene, an interview of witnesses, and development of the facts are necessary to recreate the accident. Once that has been done, a competent attorney will be able to develop a case geared toward obtaining the maximum recovery for an injured person.

Have You Been Hurt at a Construction Site?

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