Help for Those Suffering Chronic Pain after Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

Man with knee pain at the doctor’s officeIf you are the victim of a construction site accident, the results can be devastating. Even if your injuries were technically “temporary,” the side effects and pain can linger for years. Thus, construction accidents can affect your ability to perform your job and engage in the activities you love. The constant physical burden can also have emotional effects. You may suffer from depression and difficulties with personal relationships. Although legal action will not restore your health, the damages you earn can help cover medical costs and lost wages. They can also help you pay for physical or emotional therapy in the wake of your accident. The attorneys at Golitko & Daly are highly experienced with personal injury law, including construction accidents. We will help you obtain the money you deserve through worker’s compensation or a lawsuit. To learn more about construction accidents and chronic pain, contact our Indianapolis practice today.

Common Construction Accidents

Construction sites can be dangerous. However, with proper precautions, you should not face high risks on the job. Unfortunately, many site managers and construction companies use negligent techniques. Often, they utilize unsafe practices out of a desire to cut costs. In other cases, poor training or insufficient supervision can put workers at risk. These irresponsible practices can cause many different types of accidents. The most common incidents include:

  • Falls from ladders, scaffolds, roofs, and other heights
  • Accidents with heavy machinery
  • Auto accidents due to hazardous conditions or ill-maintained vehicles
  • Trench collapses
  • Building collapses

These accidents can cause a wide range of injuries. You may suffer from broken bones, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, lacerations, and more.

Can You Sue for Chronic Pain?

If you are suffering from chronic pain following a construction accident, you may have valid grounds for a lawsuit. Often, chronic pain can impact your ability to carry out your job. This can place a serious financial burden on you and your family, since you may no longer bring home a paycheck. Chronic pain can also limit your ability to engage in your favorite hobbies, your physical relations with your spouse, and your capacity to take care of your children.

At Golitko & Daly, we frequently handle worker’s compensation claims. Worker’s comp will cover lost wages, medical care, and prescription costs. It may also pay benefits if your loved one was killed in a construction accident. However, worker’s compensation will not cover pain and suffering or loss of consortium. If your employer was guilty of clear recklessness or intentional wrongdoing, you can waive worker’s comp in favor of a lawsuit. Additionally, if you are an independent contractor, you have no access to worker’s comp. In these situations, you may be eligible to sue negligent parties for your chronic pain and related costs.

Who Is Responsible for Your Chronic Pain?

In some cases, your employer may not be directly responsible for your accident. If third parties are guilty of negligence, your case may go beyond worker’s comp. These negligent parties can include:

  • A subcontractor
  • A general contractor
  • An equipment manufacturer
  • A delivery service

Our attorneys will investigate all circumstances of your accident and interview eyewitnesses. After obtaining all necessary information, we will determine everyone responsible for your accident. Then we will fight for your rightful compensation.

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