Has Your Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer Made Construction Injury Law?

Construction Accidents

Has Your Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer Made Construction Injury Law? Most Indiana personal injury lawyers include construction accidents on their websites. What do the law books say? When a lawyer spends the majority of his or her time practicing in one area of the law, it is natural that they would have case law made from their cases in the Indiana Court of appeals and Indiana Supreme Court. Your Indiana Construction accident lawyer is constantly fighting for worker’s rights in the Court of Appeals, with three cases currently pending and numerous cases already decided. A sample list;

1. Stumpf v Hagerman- affirmed a workplace safety duty by a general contractor to a union insulation installer;

2.Rider v McCammant- affirmed a duty owed to visitors to a construction site;

3. Helms v Carmel- Indiana Supreme Court held a contractor can assume a duty to construction workers by its contract with the project owner;

4. Gray v. Capitol Construction- affirmed a safety duty owed by a general contractor to an electrician killed on a construction site.

5. England v Fairfield Construction- addressed safety duty owed to apprentice mason for scaffold safety.

6. Grounds v IPL- addressed a duty owed to a roofing and gutter contractor by a power company to inspect and maintain power lines.

While this is just a sample, lawyers throughout the state can cite these cases as precedent to obtain fair compensation for their injured construction clients. It is a fair question for you to ask before choosing a lawyer for your construction injury case- “Have you made any law in this area?” “Who has?” Your Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer John Daly. Remember, WE GO TO WORK WHEN YOU CAN’T!