Getting Compensation for Damages from Construction Accidents Involving Chemical Spills

Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents and Chemical SpillsAs a construction worker, most are aware of the potential dangers of the job. While many focus their attention on preventing injury from falls, slips, or accidents with the tools and equipment used on the job, the environment of a construction site also has a potential for injury. Many construction sites contain chemicals of some sort. There are more than 40,000 chemicals involved in commercial use and most of these have the potential to cause injury or illness if spilled. At Golitko and Daly, our personal injury attorneys represent a client’s rights in cases where damage or death has been suffered. Our Indianapolis chemical spill attorneys will work quickly to determine if negligent behavior has resulted in an accident involving toxic chemicals so that any due compensation can be awarded to the victim or family members.

The Risks of Chemicals

Chemicals are used commonly in commercial businesses and, therefore, it is not unusual to have chemicals present at a construction site. When chemicals are around, it is important that they are stored and sealed properly in order to avoid a spill or the release of toxic fumes. There are many types of chemicals that are toxic to individuals, including chlorine, mercury, lead, ammonia, bleach, gasoline, acid, benzene asbestos, and many more. While the potential effects of each chemical vary based on the chemical composition and the amount of exposure, injuries and illnesses that may be suffered as a result of chemical exposure include the following:

  • Skin rash
  • Eye irritation
  • Chemical burns
  • Poisoning
  • Respiratory problems
  • Brain damage
  • Cancer

In extreme instances, chemical exposure as the result of a spill may even result in death. It is because of these potential damages that it is so important to effectively contain toxic chemicals.

Damages from Chemical Spills

Unfortunately, workers at a construction site where chemicals are present are vulnerable to a chemical spill accident. When these accidents do occur, workers are likely to experience one of the illnesses or injuries listed above. These injuries and illnesses have not only physical consequences, but also those that are emotional and financial in nature. Chemical spills can lead to injuries that put a person out of work either temporarily or long-term, effecting wage-earning potential.

The medical expenses involved in a chemical spill accident are also likely to be significant and may require care that extends over months, years, or even a lifetime. All of these damages are likely to cause a great deal of stress and emotional damage. In such tragic circumstances, it is important that any negligent party responsible for these accidents is singled out and held responsible. Our construction accident attorneys conduct a prompt investigation which includes a survey of the scene of an accident and interviews with witnesses so that, if negligence is present, our clients can receive due compensation for injuries and damages suffered.

Get a Case Evaluation

If you or a loved one has been involved in a chemical spill at a construction site, it is important to work quickly to determine if compensation is due. Contact us at Golitko and Daly at your earliest convenience to receive a case evaluation from our experienced attorneys. We are eager to ensure that justice is served in your case.