Finding the Best Lawyer in Indiana for Your Case

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Finding the Best Lawyer in Indiana for your case takes a little research, but is worth the effort. There are 15,000 lawyers in Indiana, but you have only one case. Which Indiana lawyer is best for your case? That depends on what kind of case it is. While ethical rules prohibit lawyers from advertising they are specialists outside of a few designated areas (for example Board Certified Trial Lawyer), the fact of the matter is that most lawyers, like most doctors, have specialized areas of practice. Unlike doctors, lawyers have to handle not only the specific type of injury, such as paralysis or brain injury, lawyers have to not only prove the liability (fault) part of the case, but also be effective in translating the effect of the injury to a jury in ways that help the jury understand that a personal injury case is about more than paying the medical bills and lost wages. So if you have a wrongful death case, or a spinal cord injury case, then you want a lawyer who has expertise in those areas. If you have a work injury, than you want a law firm who has handled hundreds of those type of lawsuits. Most firms will give you a free consultation to evaluate your case. We do. Use that opportunity to ask the hard questions. Why are you the best Indiana lawyer for my case? How many of these types of injuries have you handled? Taken to trial? Won? Any specialty that applies to my case? Usually there is oneIndiana lawyer who will be the best for your case. If it is not our firm, then we will help you find that lawyer, just as your doctor will refer you to a specialist so you receive the best care. Start with Golitko & Daly to find the best Indiana lawyer for your case.