Filing a Social Security Disability Claim Appeal

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Law books and justice scalesWhen an accident or injury occurs that puts an individual out of work, many are initially reluctant to file a social security disability claim. Some feel ashamed or guilty about filing a claim, while others are intimidated by the complicated process. First and foremost, we want to assure all our clients that there is no shame in filing a social security disability claim. Social security disability is a right of every individual who has contributed finances to this fund throughout their working lifetime. This insurance is a protection afforded to workers in the event of a permanent or temporary disability. Secondly, although the procedure may be complicated, our attorneys can help. If an initial social security disability claim is denied (which is all too often the case), we can also help our Indianapolis clients with a social security disability claim appeal, so that they can receive the financial assistance that is due to them by law.

Who Has a Right to Social Security Disability Benefits?

Social security disability benefits are available to workers who have made contributions (through deductions from their paycheck) to the social security fund. If you are suffering from an injury or physical disability and a doctor says that the condition will keep you out of work for 12 months or longer, it is likely that you are eligible for social security disability benefits.

What if My Claim was Denied?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for social security disability claims to be denied. However, many people who have their claims initially denied go on to receive the benefits they deserve after filing a social security disability claim appeal. In order to ensure that all paperwork is filed correctly and to maximize the chances of an appeal decision in your favor, it is helpful to work with an attorney that is skilled in these appeals, such as the registered nurse attorney on staff at Golitko & Daly. Our attorney can help clients with the following tasks, which will help our clients create a strong case in appealing the denial of a social security disability claim:

  • Collecting appropriate and necessary medical records and documentation from doctors
  • Correctly filling out and filing necessary forms and paperwork
  • Ensuring that clients comply with federal regulations
  • Explaining physical and/or mental ailments in terms that are defined by the government as qualifying disabilities
  • Working with issues involving workers compensation
  • Help in applying for the collection of past benefits

With our assistance, clients can fight to receive the social security disability benefits that are rightfully theirs, so that they are not left to deal with the financial struggles of being out of work.

Schedule a Case Evaluation

If you have filed a social security disability claim and have been denied, a claim appeal may be your best course of action. Schedule an appointment for a case evaluation at your earliest convenience to learn more about your legal options. The attorneys at Golitko & Daly will be happy to assist you through this complicated process to ensure that the appeal is handled efficiently and properly. We look forward to hearing from you.