Elbow Repetitive Stress Injury and Worker’s Compensation

Workers' Compensation

While many people assume workers’ compensation is only for catastrophic injuries, it also covers minor injuries. Workers’ compensation insurance covers all work injuries, even if the employee is at fault.

In many cases, work injuries are the result of a sudden accident, but sometimes they stem from repetitive movements or the overuse of certain muscles or tendons, such as those surrounding the elbow joint.

Victims of elbow repetitive stress injuries have the same right to financial compensation as those that suffer sudden work injuries. At Golitko & Daly, our work injury attorneys work hard to collect just compensation for victims of repetitive stress work injuries. We serve clients in Indianapolis, IN, Kokomo, IN, and other areas of Indiana.

What Causes Elbow Repetitive Stress Injury?

Repetitive stress injuries are caused by motions or movements that continually place stress on the same muscles, tendons, or joints over a prolonged period of time. Often, the motions that cause repetitive stress injuries are related to work duties. An elbow repetitive stress injury specifically impacts the muscles and tendons surrounding the elbow joint.

Elbow repetitive stress injury is commonly referred to as “tennis elbow,” but there are many other activities and job duties that can lead to this condition. Delivery workers, janitors, electricians, and jobs that involve constant computer use could result in elbow repetitive stress injury.

Symptoms of Elbow Repetitive Stress Injury

Since repetitive stress injuries do not have a sudden and obvious cause, it is important that workers be familiar with the potential symptoms of a repetitive stress injury. A repetitive stress injury involving the elbow may cause symptoms such as:

  • Pain (ranging from tenderness to sharp, throbbing pain)
  • Tingling or numbness in the outer or inner arm
  • Loss of strength in the affected muscles
  • Limited range of motions in the elbow joint

Reporting Suspected Repetitive Stress Injury

Without a sudden accident, it can be more difficult to show that a repetitive stress injury is a result of work duties. The earlier that the injury is reported, the better chance that a worker’s compensation claim involving elbow repetitive stress injury will be accepted.

Workers that are experiencing the symptoms of elbow repetitive stress injury and believe it to be job-related should speak to their employer immediately and file a worker’s compensation claim.

We also recommend contacting our attorneys, who can demonstrate that a repetitive stress injury is work-related. Finally, schedule a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible. Individuals who ignore repetitive stress injuries in an attempt to “tough it out” are more likely to suffer irreversible damage.

Compensation for Damages

As with any other work-related injury, worker’s compensation insurance should cover costs related to elbow repetitive stress injury. Compensation should cover medical expenses, lost wages, and the cost of any necessary ongoing care or rehabilitation. If workers are denied these benefits, our attorneys can file a claim to seek maximum compensation allowable under the law. Our attorneys work on a contingency basis, so clients will not be responsible for paying any fees until they have received the compensation they are due.

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