Do You Have An Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer? They Do.

Construction Accidents

Dealing with an insurance company by yourself on a construction injury case is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. The work injury lawyers at Golitko & Daly help even the playing field. Most Indiana construction accidents involve iron workers, carpenters, laborers, electricians and masons. Hard working people who want to support their family and are not the type of people who want to hire a lawyer. That is a perfect description of our workplace injury clients. However, Insurance company employees are trained to do everything possible to keep you from hiring a lawyer so they can settle as cheaply as possible. Often they will contact you within a few hours, try to befriend you and then hope you take a low ball offer. All of which is fine if you have a fender bender and minor injuries. But if you have been seriously injured, or had a family member killed at work, then there are often millions of dollars at stake. The insurance companies have hired lawyers, or have them in house who are working on trying to reduce your recovery, or if possible, prevent any recovery at all.

You need lawyers who have handled 1000s of workplace injuries and know the interaction between third party cases and workers compensation insurance. Third party cases are those with the people, contractors, manufacturers, who actually caused your injury. Workers compensation benefits are provided by your employer regardless of who is at fault. At Golitko & Daly, we have board certified, OSHA trained Top Rated attorneys dedicated to protecting Indiana workers. Don’t go it alone, you have too much at stake. Free consultation, No fee until there is a recovery. We advance any expenses. We go to work when you can’t.