Defective Grain Drying Equipment Can Cause Major Injuries

Construction Accidents

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We have talked a fair amount about construction lawsuits, but we haven’t discussed farming accidents much. These can be quite severe given the equipment involved and the injuries they cause. With that in mind, we want to focus on the potential hazards of grain dryers and what workers can do to be safe.

Grain Dryers Are Crucial but Must Be Used Safely

Grain dryers are an important part of farming, especially if a farmer is dealing with cold weather and wet weather. Yet using grain dryers to prevent spoiling and ensure proper storage also means an added need for safety. Farmers and farm workers need to make sure they’re being safe. Similarly, the makers of farm equipment need to ensure their machinery is safe before it reaches the market.

Type of Grain Dryer Accidents

The most common kinds of grain dryer accidents are fires, explosions, and people being caught or pinched by the machinery. All of these accidents can be quite serious, and in some cases cause fatalities.

Potential Injuries from the Use of Grain Dryers

When a grain dryer accident occurs, it’s possible for workers to suffer from major burns, cuts and bruises, and even the loss of limbs. It really depends on the nature of the accident. As noted, major accidents that involve grain dryers can result in fatal injuries if you are not careful.

How Workers Can Protect Themselves from Harm

To protect yourself from injury and ensure safety while working on the field and the farm, consider these safety tips:

  • Wear the Proper Work Clothes – When doing any type of work around farm equipment, it’s important to tie back hair so it can’t be caught. The same is true of laces, strings, and anything that may hang from your clothing.
  • Protective Gear is Key – Work gloves, eye protection, masks, goggles, or ear plugs are a must to prevent serious injuries. This goes for immediate harm as well as the long-term effects of noise and inhaling fumes from equipment.
  • Have Fire Extinguishers Nearby – Since there is the potential for fire or explosions from a grain dryer, be sure to have a fire extinguisher nearby. It can help put out a fire affecting a co-worker, and potentially save lives.
  • Take Breaks Periodically – If you’re fatigued, you’re less alert and therefore more prone to injury. Be sure to take breaks to rest, hydrate, and make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Be Alert at All Times – Whenever a machine is going, it’s important that you pay attention. Look out for your own safety as well as the safety of your co-workers.
  • Clean Grain Dryers Properly – After use, make sure the grain dryer is properly cleaned. This can go a long way toward avoiding fires, explosions, and other malfunctions that could cause injuries.
  • Have Equipment Regularly Serviced – Problems with equipment can occur when your machinery isn’t maintained. Make sure all farm equipment is in proper working order at all times. Bring equipment in for professional maintenance and repair when necessary.

Negligent Parties Need to Be Held Accountable

If your accident with a grain dryer was the result of a negligent manufacturer or a negligent third-party, it’s important to speak with an attorney about your case. Our work injury lawyers can assist with work injury litigation, or perhaps look into worker compensation coverage depending on the nature of your injury and your job. We will note the evidence and circumstances of your case and provide expert counsel every step of the way.

Learn More About Your Legal Options After Equipment Injuries

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