Construction Jobs that May Result in Injury

Construction Accidents

A construction worker on the roofThe legal team at Golitko & Daly is committed to helping injured workers in the greater Indianapolis area. Construction accidents can take different forms and result in severe injuries, which is why having strong legal advocates on your side is crucial for receiving just compensation for medical bills and other losses, ensuring that you receive proper workers’ compensation benefits, and assisting with social security disability insurance matters.

As we noted, construction accidents can take different forms based on the type of job duties that a worker has. Let’s look at various kinds of construction jobs and point out the potential dangers of the duties of these jobs.

Excavation Worker

If you work in excavation, you’ll be using lots of heavy machinery and working around these vehicles a fair amount. Heavy equipment accidents can be quite serious, as we have noted before with regard to bulldozer accidents, backhoe accidents, and excavator accidents, and can often result in lifelong disability and death.

Demolition Worker

Demolition work is extremely dangerous given the nature of the job. In addition to the use of heavy machinery at demolition sites, workers need to be aware of collapsing walls, falling objects, and structures giving way due to compromised structural integrity. The danger increases if explosives are involved in the job.

General Construction Worker

Even working construction and doing basic labor around a work site can result in serious injuries and accidents. Construction workers and laborers can suffer major falls, be struck by errant/falling objects, and are subject to other occupational risks.


Electricians can suffer from serious electrocutions and burns as part of their job. Special care needs to be taken when working around wires and any areas in which electric shocks may occur. Safety gear such as gloves and eye protection are also a must.


Carpenters who are working on-site of just off-site of a construction site need to exercise caution when using hand tools and power tools. Misuse of the equipment, issues with the equipment maintenance, and other factors can lead to severe injuries, including major cuts and even the loss of appendages and limbs.

Brick Mason

Working with brick, concrete, stone, and other heavy materials takes great care to place and manipulate, which is why skilled stonemasons are crucial to lots of construction work. Since the materials they use are heavy and hard, brick masons can potentially be crushed and seriously injured.


Glaziers run a number of risks while at a workplace. The windowpanes and glasswork can be dangerous in terms of being sharp, heavy, and prone to potential shattering. In addition, workers may fall from major heights while trying to place windows and glasswork on a structure.


While working on a roof, the potential for falls is always a danger. Roofers also need to be careful with their tools, roofing materials such as tar, weather during workdays, and other objects on the roof that are inherently harmful on their own.


The primary risks that painters face while they are on the job is that they may fall from great heights, resulting in serious harm. Issues with paint fumes should also be considered since inhalation can lead to illness and other issues. Proper ventilation needs to be kept in mind at all times.

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