Construction Accidents and Switch Malfunction

Construction Accidents

A Construction WorkerConstruction accidents are unfortunately common and can result in severe injuries. Sometimes, these accidents occur because of a co-worker’s negligence. In other cases, the equipment the construction worker was using may have malfunctioned. In most instances, injuries resulting from construction accidents and switch malfunctions are due to manufacturer negligence. At Golitko & Daly in Indianapolis, IN, our attorneys have extensive experience representing workers injured due to defective equipment. We can provide you with the aggressive representation needed to hold the manufacturer or other negligent party responsible.

Causes of Injuries

A switch malfunction is just one of the countless potential injuries a construction worker could endure on the job. A switch malfunction may cause the equipment to not stop when it should. It could also cause a delay in powering-on, which could also lead to injury. In general, most switch malfunctions are the result of a product defect by a negligent manufacturer. Sometimes, though, these types of malfunctions can result from a lack of proper equipment maintenance or no maintenance at all.

Types of Injuries

While construction accidents can range from minor to severe, they are far more likely to result in catastrophic injuries. This is especially true when equipment and machinery are involved. Some of the injuries that can result from a switch malfunction may include:

  • Electrical shock or burns
  • Deep lacerations
  • Nerve damage
  • Paralysis
  • Loss of one or more limbs
  • Death

Who Is Responsible?

With so many different parties involved in construction work, determining the party that is at fault can be difficult. You need an experienced team of attorneys who will fight for your rights. At Golitko & Daly, our construction accident attorneys will conduct an in-depth investigation into the accident. We will examine all potential angles to determine who is liable for your injuries. We will evaluate your employer’s and co-workers compliance with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) regulations. Any deviation from OSHA’s safety rules may implicate them and make them liable for your injuries.

We will also look at the parties responsible for maintaining the equipment, which could include your employer, co-workers, or an outside vendor. If your employer fails to have equipment serviced regularly, that could have caused the switch malfunction that led to your injury. Additionally, the person responsible for servicing the equipment may have overlooked critical maintenance details. Finally, we will look at the manufacturer. If other products have had similar malfunctions, we may have a product liability case against the manufacturer.


Regardless of who is responsible, we will pursue damages to compensate you for any wages you have lost because of your injury, as well as all your medical expenses. This can include any procedures needed, rehabilitation, medications, and more. We will also seek damages for your pain and suffering. Depending on the particular circumstances, we may also pursue punitive damages.

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