Construction Accidents and Ankle Injuries

Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can be among the most devastating and debilitating that a person can suffer, especially since, by nature, they deprive the victim from being able to do his or her job for at least a few weeks. Among the most debilitating of the accidents that can be sustained on a construction site are those involving the feet, and the ankle in particular. Robbed of the ability to stand, walk, or put pressure on the foot, a construction worker is rendered essentially incapable of performing any meaningful task involving manual labor on the worksite.

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Ankle Injuries Commonly Suffered on Construction Sites

The ankle is one of the most easily injured parts of the foot, despite the fact that it withstands a great deal of wear and tear nearly every day of our lives. While one may be able to function at a basic level with a minor ankle injury, it is difficult to do the sort of manual labor required of construction workers with such an injury. With a moderate to severe ankle injury, such labor is impossible. A construction worker may find his or her ability to earn a living impaired for months, years, or even permanently.

Ankle injuries commonly occur on construction sites due to:

  • Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents: Most construction sites are littered with hazards and debris, making them difficult to navigate even when people are able to concentrate exclusively on walking. However, workers who are carrying heavy objects or otherwise focusing on their job duties are more likely to slip and fall or trip and fall on objects and other materials lying around, thereby putting their ankles at risk.
  • Falls from heights: Many ankle injuries occur when workers fall from scaffolding, steps, or other heights.
  • Being struck in the ankle by an object: The ankle can be broken or badly injured if it is struck by a stray object.
  • Ankle arthritis: Arthritis can develop in the ankle over time after years of working on a construction site.

Our work injury lawyers are experts at investigating construction accidents and gathering the most compelling evidence available to support their clients’ cases. They can help you obtain the maximum compensation allowable under the law for the ankle injuries you have sustained as a result of your employment on a construction site.

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