Car Accidents and Citations

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auto accidentAuto accidents commonly result in physical, emotional, and financial damages that can have a significant impact on a person’s life. If someone experiences any of these types of losses following a car accident that was caused by another person or party, they have a right to seek financial compensation. However, the burden falls on the plaintiff to show that the other party was responsible for the accident and any resulting damages.

An experienced legal team can be a great asset to someone seeking compensation for auto accident damages. At Golitko & Daly, our team of attorneys gathers any type of evidence that may be helpful in demonstrating accident liability; this may include issued citations. Here, we discuss car accidents involving citations. Contact our Indianapolis, IN area practice to learn more.

Are Citations Common Following Car Accidents?

In many cases, traffic violations contribute to car accidents. If drivers are speeding, run a red light, or fail to yield to oncoming traffic, they have violated a traffic law.

When an accident occurs, police officers typically arrive at the scene after the collision has taken place. Because they have not witnessed the accident or traffic violation in person, they may not issue a citation until they can sort out the facts and events that led to the accident.

If there is overwhelming evidence at the scene of the accident, or if witness testimony is strong, a police officer may issue a citation for a traffic violation.

Can a Citation Be Presented as Evidence in Civil Court?

A traffic citation is a charge that is separate from any civil lawsuit that may be filed by accident injury victims. However, a traffic citation may be presented in a civil court case if the driver is found guilty of the charges.

In many cases, drivers who are issued traffic citations plead no contest. A no contest plea means that, though the drive disagrees with the charges of the citation, they are willing to pay any associated fines.

Most courts are willing to accept a no contest plea. Since a no contest plea is not an admission of guilt, any citation settled with a no contest plea may not be presentable in a civil court. Similarly, an accepted not guilty plea or not guilty finding would also not be presentable in a civil court case.

Citations that result in a guilty verdict are a benefit to accident victims seeking financial compensation for injuries and other damages. However, even without citations as evidence, our attorneys can still present other information to demonstrate liability in civil court so that our clients can be compensated for accident losses.

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