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Most workplaces have their fair share of hazards, some more so than others. Some workplaces, such as construction sites and warehouses, are just inherently dangerous. This is why employers are required to meet certain standards of safety. Workers should be properly trained and equipped to make even the most hazardous workplaces as safe as possible.

Of course, workplace accidents can and do occur, even when employees and employers follow all of the necessary safety protocols. Work-related accidents can result in a variety of injuries, from the relatively minor to permanent disability and even death. Among the most serious possible injuries that can be suffered while on the job is traumatic brain injury. Many people who suffer brain injuries face an impaired quality of life, while some require full-time care and assistance. Even non-permanent brain injuries can be expensive to treat and require months or years of recovery and rehabilitation.

If you or a member of your family sustained a brain injury while performing your job duties during working hours, you have rights. The Indianapolis workers’ compensation attorneys of Golitko & Daly are intimately versed in the state and federal laws pertaining to the rights of injured workers. If you or your loved one has been denied the workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled, or if you are simply unsure as to what your legal rights and options are, our lawyers can help.

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Common Workplace Accidents That Result in Brain Injury

Throughout Indianapolis, brain injury accidents can occur in a variety of settings, but are particularly usual at construction sites and in industrial environments. Among the more common workplace accidents that result in brain injury are:

  • Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents
  • Accidents involving heavy machinery, especially when it’s defective
  • Accidents involving falling objects
  • Auto accidents, especially those involving large trucks, which occur while in the commission of one’s job duties
  • Falls from ladders or other high places

Brain injuries may not always produce immediate symptoms. It is possible to suffer a brain injury from a fall or blow to the head, yet feel no more than a slight headache or dizziness. Some brain injury victims feel absolutely fine at first. Nevertheless, when left untreated, brain injuries can become steadily worse, leading potentially to death. That’s why it is extremely important to seek medical help after a workplace accident, even if the victim feels more or less all right.

Indianapolis construction accidents can result in serious brain injury even when the victim is wearing proper safety gear. Although a hardhat or other form of head protection can help to minimize the effects of a blow to the head, it will not entirely prevent brain injury. Many brain injuries occur due to the collision of the brain with the skull, which results from a sudden jolt or impact. Safety equipment may prevent the object of impact from entering the skull, but brain injury remains a very real possibility all the same.

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