Back Injuries Sustained in Construction Accidents Can Be Serious

Construction Accidents

A man with lower back painThe legal team at Golitko & Daly proudly serves injured workers in and around the greater Indianapolis. Injured workers need lawyers familiar with lawsuits involving construction accidents. This experience translates into results.

Having a skilled attorney is especially important in back injury cases, which we’d like to consider in some detail right now.

Major Spinal Cord Injuries

If you experience a major spinal cord injury while at a construction site, it can lead to serious disabilities that alter the entire trajectory of your life. This mean injuries such as paraplegia and quadriplegia (tetraplegia). When these are sustained, injury victims will be unable to feel or use their limbs as they normally would, requiring them to be wheelchair bound for the rest of their lives. In the case of quadriplegia, additional medical assistance and possibly machine-assisted respiratory devices may be necessary.

Muscle and Soft Tissue Injuries to the Back

In some cases, it’s not the spinal cord itself that gets injured but rather the muscle tissue of the back. In these cases, pulled or torn muscles can result in limited ability to turn, twist, lift, and get around as one normally would. These injuries may also be the result of serious lacerations and contusions sustained in a construction site injury.

Nerve Damage and Injuries to the Back

In addition to injuries that affect the skin and a patient’s back muscles, there is also the chance of sustaining nerve damage in the back. This means pinched nerves along the spinal cord as well as other nerves located in other parts of the back. Nerve damage can mean changes in sensation to different parts of the back and torso, and it could also mean weakness in the limbs.

How Back Injuries Can Affect Your Daily Life

Though not as severe as paraplegia or quadriplegia, these other back injuries can have a negative impact on your day-to-day life. For one, you may experience major pain and discomfort due to the back injury that you have sustained. In addition, you’ll need to take time off of work to fully recuperate and recover. If the back injury was serious, long-term changes to limb strength and overall mobility may be the result.

Holding Negligent Companies Accountable

If your back injury was the result of an unsafe workplace or a failure to comply with basic safety regulations, your employer can be held accountable for the accident occurring. In addition to obtaining compensation for medical expenses, these kinds of lawsuits will help improve safety standards and practices throughout the industry, preventing harm befalling your co-workers and other in your field.

Ensuring You Receive Workers Compensation

Sometimes workers may be denied workers compensation benefits even though they have a legitimate claim. Our attorneys can assist if a workers’ compensation claim has been denied.

Learn More About Your Legal Rights After a Back Injury

For more information about your legal options following a serious back injury, it’s important that you contact our team of workplace and construction accident attorneys today. The legal team at Golitko & Daly will fight by your side to ensure that justice is served and the legal system works properly.