Avoiding Construction Accidents and Backover Injuries

Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents and Backover InjuriesWhen a dump truck, tractor-trailer, forklift, or another construction vehicle backs into somebody, it is termed a backover accident. The stories of construction accidents and backover injuries, as you may imagine, tell a tale of avoidable tragedy. Because of the size and power of construction vehicles, injuries can be severe or even fatal. The skilled lawyers at Golitko & Daly in Indianapolis, IN, work tirelessly on behalf of the victims in construction accidents. We pursue maximum compensation for medical treatments, lost wages, permanent impairments, and pain and suffering.

What Causes Backover Injuries?

A handful of common scenarios typically cause backover injuries at construction sites. They are:

  • A vehicle operator does not see a worker in the blind spot
  • A vehicle passenger falls off and gets backed over
  • A spotter does not see another construction vehicle from behind
  • A driver does not ensure the area is clear before backing up
  • A worker does not hear a backup alarm, either because it has malfunctioned or because other construction noises drowned it out

Preventing Backover Injuries

Backover injuries are almost always avoidable. Follow these tips to reduce the chances of an accident:

  • Plan ahead: Develop a traffic control plan: lay out a worksite that minimizes the need to backup vehicles, put up signs and cones to alert workers to high traffic areas, separate vehicles with barriers, and always alert workers to any changes in the plan.
  • Use a spotter: The purpose of a spotter is to act as a second pair of eyes for the driver. The spotter can watch for people and objects that could come in harm’s way. The driver must keep visual contact with the spotter at all times.
  • Inspect your vehicle: Inspect your vehicle ahead of your shift to ensure that brakes, horns, alarms, lights, cameras, and other safety equipment are functioning as they should.
  • Train and review: Train vehicle operators to keep an eye on their spotter, stay cognizant of their blind spots, and anticipate potential hazards. Review communication signals at the beginning of each shift so that operators, spotters, and other workers know what to expect.
  • Stay visible: Whether you are working in broad daylight or at night, you should be wearing high visibility reflective clothing.
  • Install safety technologies: Install video cameras and proximity devices to detect objects in the vehicle’s path.
  • Keep it clean: Clean mirrors and windows for maximum visibility.
  • Prohibit headphones: Loud music can drown out the sound of a horn or alarm.

How a Construction Accident Lawyer Can Help

For those injured in a backover accident, determining fault is key. If equipment was faulty or inadequate, the manufacturer could be held liable for your injury. If the equipment was operating as intended but the accident happened on account of human error, the construction company could be held responsible. Our attorneys work to establish fault to secure full compensation for you.

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