A Breakdown of Common Injuries in Lift Bucket Accidents

Construction Accidents

Lift bucket accidents can occur in a variety of ways in a number of different types of jobs. Common injuries in lift bucket accidents include spinal cord injury and electrical burns. However, every case is unique. The type of work injury you or a loved one has suffered, as well as the needs you have as result of those injuries, cover a wide spectrum of possibilities. Indianapolis, IN, lawyers at Golitko and Daly know how to pinpoint causation and hold the responsible party accountable for the damage you have suffered.

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Potential Causes of Lift Bucket Accidents

Many construction, electrical, and phone pole worker positions require workers to access lines or materials out of reach. In order to get to the workspace, workers are placed in a bucket (or cherry picker) and lifted to the job. When an accident happens, it is most likely the result of one of these common scenarios:

  • A malfunctioning lift or maintenance vehicle to which the lift was attached
  • A violation or disregard of OSHA or other safety regulations
  • Malfunctioning controls
  • Unsafe equipment or equipment that a rental company has not properly maintained

Fast action and preservation of evidence are critical to establishing liability and making a claim for reimbursement. In order to do this, victims should contact an attorney immediately after an accident and give a statement as to how the accident occurred. Eyewitness testimony is also helpful in putting together a case against an employer or manufacturer, as are corporate safety records and logs.

Common Injuries in Lift Bucket Accidents

Depending on the type of accident, a victim of a cherry picker accident can suffer from electrical burns, spinal cord damage, back and neck injuries, loss of memory or cognitive functioning, and broken bones when a fall is related to the accident. Victims are entitled to receive the necessary medical care and ongoing treatment, as well as compensation for lost wages and the pain and suffering associated with the accident.

Types of Cases for Lift Bucket Accidents

Victims of lift bucket accidents have options when it comes to pursuing a claim. If the accident happened while on the job, it is possible to make a claim under workers’ compensation laws. If the accident was the result of faulty equipment, it might be possible bring a suit against the manufacturer. For cases where a rental company has not maintained the equipment properly, a claim against the third party rental company could be the answer. It might also be possible to file a case against the insurance carrier, or even bring a claim that combines one or more legal theories. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can help you decide what is best for your case.

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