4 commonly overlooked dangers in the workplace

Workers' Compensation

the image shows a construction site with a man carrying a beam, representing an article discussing 4 commonly overlooked dangers in the workplace.
Workers in nearly every occupation face a certain level of risk during every shift. From single-accident injuries to repeated toxic exposure, workplace hazards can lead to devastating injuries and catastrophic conditions. Supervisors often focus on large hazards while providing training and safety gear. Unfortunately, some dangers continue to go unrecognized. Here are four safety hazards that many supervisors often overlook in the workplace:
  • Employee comfort: In favor of other recognizable challenges, supervisors often overlook factors related to overall employee comfort. From the heating and cooling systems to ventilation issues, employees often face hidden challenges. When the workplace is too hot or too cold, the worker might suffer heat exhaustion or hypothermia, for example. Improper ventilation can lead to exposure to toxic fumes or dangerous particulate matter.
  • Cluttered workspace: A cluttered working environment increases the chance for tripping hazards. Employees might face debris on the floor, spills and material cluttering common walkways. Workers in all levels of the organization must be aware of spills and tripping hazards and ensure everything is cleaned quickly.
  • Safety training: Many organizations focus on safety training only when heavy machinery or toxic materials are involved, but safety training should be a priority in all occupations. From warnings about proper lifting techniques to avoiding repetitive stress injuries, companies should not get complacent when it comes to trainings. It is wise to remember that simply posting a warning sign does not constitute a true safety training.
  • Mental health: Many workers face serious mental health issues that could prove dangerous in the workplace. From anxiety and depression causing insomnia to vital medication that has serious side effects, supervisors must provide a safe, healthy environment for all workers. Additionally, work-related stress and psychological concerns directly related to the job itself can be difficult to diagnose and correct.
Some workplace hazards are generally easy to recognize and correct. Others, however, could lie hidden behind other issues. Supervisors, managers and business owners must pay careful attention to the challenges facing workers and strive to prevent these dangers from causing workplace injuries or devastating conditions.