3 common causes of construction accidents

Construction Accidents

Every year thousands of victims suffer from injuries from construction accidents. Oftentimes they are unable to work for long periods of time due to spinal trauma, brain injuries, or broken bones. Working on a construction site is a dangerous job, but knowing the risks ensures you know how to prevent injuries or fatal accidents.  


Thousands of workers every year fall victim to slip and fall injuries on site. Many construction workers work high up secured by weak ladders or loose scaffolding. It is easy to lose balance while working. Even seasoned construction workers may lose balance, slip, and fall. Some preventative measures include managing worksites and labeling access routes to work areas. 

Electrical Accidents

Exposed electrical wires and power lines are everywhere on construction sites. They are a necessary part of the sites since they charge tools, but they are very dangerous. When left unattended and exposed, they cause electrocution and burns if they come into contact with someone or with water and metal.  

Falling Objects

There is a lot of scaffolding and half-built structures on construction sites. As people work on projects, they often set down tools or pieces of equipment in these potentially weak and wobbly areas. When these items fall they may hurt unsuspecting workers and cause head injuries.  

Wearing personal protective gear, being alert at all times, and inspecting equipment before using it is a great way to avoid injuries. It is not always possible to stay safe on a busy construction site if everyone is not taking the proper precautions.