Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer Hired in Trench Collapse Wrongful Death

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Construction Accident Lawyer Hired in Trench Collapse Wrongful Death.

Trench collapses deaths in Indiana are 100% preventable if OSHA rules are followed. Your Indiana construction accident lawyer in Indianapolis was just asked to assist other counsel in obtaining full compensation for a Kokomo family who lost their father in yet another senseless Indiana trench collapse. Trench collapses are among the most deadly and preventable construction accidents in Indiana. All that is necessary to prevent these tragedies is employers and general contractors following the IOSHA and OSHA trenching regulations. Specifically, the rules contained Section 1926.650 Subpart P on Excavations, including trenches. The most basic prevention tool is trench boxes, also known as shields. They can either be remanufactured or job built, although pre-manufactured are best because they can be moved from job to job and relocated within any individual trench. If a trench box was used in the excavation your Indiana construction accident lawyer was just hired on, no death or serious injury would occur. Haste lays waste.