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Workers' Compensation

Unfortunately, summer time is not just a time for BBQ’s and family reunions – it is also a time for serious work injury accidents resulting in death or paralyzation. While it is nice to have new bridges and new roads they often come at a price – not just money – but at the expense of Indiana construction workers, iron workers, electricians, engineers, and many other brave folks that literally put their life on the line for all of us every day so we can drive to work without any bumps in the road.

As an Indianapolis Indiana Workers Compensation Lawyer – my hope is that we all take our time on the roadways and around constructions sites – don’t get frustrated, don’t get annoyed, just be patient and be very mindful of the worker putting his/her body in harms way to provide us all with a better place to live. Your carefulness just might be the one thing that gets that Indiana construction worker home safely so he/she can hug his/her child and tuck them into bed at night.

We have many military heroes in Indiana, but we also have many construction workers that are heroes in their own way. Slow down, pay attention, it just might save someone’s life!