Top Driver Actions That Resulted in Car Accidents in Indiana in 2017

A car accidentCar accidents are an everyday occurrence, even on the roadways here in Indiana. In fact, according to the official report Indiana Traffic Facts 2017, 219,112 car accidents occurred in Indiana that year; 834 of these accidents were fatal.

Here, attorneys Matthew Golitko and John P. Daly discuss the driver actions that contributed to the most car accidents in Indiana in 2017. If you or a loved one has been involved in an auto accident, contact Golitko & Daly in Indianapolis, IN to schedule a time to have one of our attorneys review your case.

The Official Report

The Indiana University Public Policy Institute works with the

Indiana Criminal Justice Institute to analyze data maintained by the Indiana State Police, including Indiana Officer’s Standard Crash Report information, which is completed by all local and

state law enforcement officers for all reported collisions.

Most Common Driver Errors for All Reported Crashes

These driver errors were the top contributing driver actions for car accidents:

  • Following too closely: 39,569 accidents
  • Failure to yield right of way: 35,752 accidents
  • Unsafe backing: 20,029 accidents
  • Ran off road: 18,411 accidents
  • Unsafe lane movement: 10,213 accidents

Drivers Errors with Highest Fatality Rates

The fatality rate refers to the number of fatal crashes for every 1,000 collisions. The driver actions that contributed to the highest fatality rates include:

  • Influenced by pedestrian action: 100.5
  • Wrong way on one way: 35.9
  • Left of center: 25.3
  • Driver illness: 20.3
  • Unsafe speed: 14.8

Driver Errors That Resulted in the Most Fatalities

Here, we take a look at the driver actions that contributed to the most fatal crashes:

  • Ran off road: 211
  • Failure to yield right of way: 118
  • Left of center: 92
  • Influenced by pedestrian action: 75
  • Unsafe speed: 72

Common Causes of Deadly Collisions

Left of center accidents contributed to a high fatality rate and high number of fatal crashes in Indiana in 2017. Drivers should not go left of center unless the other side of the road is visible and there is no traffic. Driving left of center is especially dangerous because it increases the risk of a head-on collision at a high rate of speed.

Drivers that are influenced by pedestrian action or speeding are also at higher risk, according to the fatality rate and number of fatal crashes reported.

The Complete Statistics

Driver ActionTotalFatalNon-fatalProperty DamageFatality Rate
Following too closely 39,569246,01133,5340.6
Failure to yield right of way 35,7521188,27727,3573.3
Unsafe backing 20,029131719,7110
Ran off road 18,4112114,45613,74411.5
Unsafe lane movement 10,213159089,2901.5
Disregard signal/Reg sign 7,716602,7234,9337.8
Improper turning 7,42024986,9200.3
Speed too fast for weather conditions 7,173131,1566,0041.8
Unspecified distraction 6,035111,0404,9841.8
Improper lane usage 5,134114234,7002.1
Unsafe speed 4,878721,3983,40814.8
Left of center 3,632921,0292,51125.3
Overcorrecting/oversteering 2,952176042,3315.8
Improper passing 2,01482101,7964
Driver asleep or fatigued1,57243811,1872.5
Driver illness 8371739642420.3
Influenced by pedestrian action 74675524147100.5
Distraction: cell phone/other electronic device 49501063890
Wrong way on one way 22385915635.9

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