Statistics On Fatal and Non-Fatal Construction Accidents

Statistics On Fatal and Non-Fatal Construction AccidentsConstruction sites and all sorts of industrial workplaces can be extremely dangerous places, which is why those who are in charge of such places need to exercise caution and good judgment when it comes to maintaining the safety of employees. Our personal injury attorneys will hold negligent employers and people in charge of construction sites accountable for injuries and fatalities that could have been prevented.

Our legal team would like to take a few moments to consider the statistics surrounding construction accidents in the United States. You may be surprised to learn what these numbers are and what they reveal about workplace safety.

Non-Fatal Construction Accident Incident Rates

The following numbers come from the U.S. Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In 2012, there were roughly 71,730 non-fatal construction accidents in the United States. This means that non-fatal injury accidents occurred befell about 143 construction workers out of 10,000 that year. These injuries caused construction workers to miss an average of 11 days of work.

Fatal Construction Accident Numbers

There were 4,175 private-industry workplace fatalities overall in the year 2012; of that number, 806 fatalities were in construction. That makes up 19.3% of these fatalities.

“The Fatal Four” proved the leading causes of death at construction sites in 2012. The Fatal Four refers to death by falls from heights (279 fatalities, 34.6%), death by being struck by objects (79 fatalities, 9.8%), death by electrocution (66 fatalities, 8.1%), and death by being crushed or pinched into spaces (13, 1.6%).

Commonly Violated OSHA Standards

With regard to worker injuries in general and the Fatal Four, it should also be noted that a number of construction-related concerns are among the 10 most commonly violated safety standard set out by OSHA. These include safety standards regarding fall protection, scaffolding safety, respiratory protection, proper electrical wiring, and the use of ladders.

Parsing These Numbers and What They Mean

In essence, while there have been many strides made in improving worker safety at industrial work sites and construction sites over the years, these places are still dangerous and safety for employees needs to be taken very seriously.

How Our Legal Team Can Help You with Your Needs

Whether you have been injured at an industrial workplace, have lost a loved one due to negligence at a worksite, or have been denied worker’s compensation despite having a legitimate claim, our team will be here for you. Our construction accident attorneys have years of experience that will benefit accident victims and their loved ones, helping to ensure that our system works right and as was intended. We will fight to obtain just compensation for you, and will also strive to improve safety standards and regulations industry wide.

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