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Personal injury law applies to a wide range of accidents in which one party is injured as a result of another party’s direct actions or negligence. These cases can be very complex, requiring experienced legal representation in order to help the injured party collect the compensation he or she deserves. Our attorneys have proven personal injury law expertise that has allowed our Indianapolis, Indiana firm to help many clients protect their best interests in the wake of injury. Contact the law firm of Golitko & Daly today to schedule a free consultation.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Motor Vehicle Accidents

These accidents may involve personal and/or commercial vehicles and may also include motorcycle accidents or pedestrian accidents.

Medical Malpractice

When a doctor, nurse or other medical professional acts negligently, those actions can have devastating and costly results.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Property owners have a duty to maintain their property and provide sufficient warning of hazards. If they fail to do so and another party is injured, the property owner is liable for the victim’s damages.

Work Injuries

Employers are responsible for providing employees with a safe work environment. When they fail to do so, serious and life-threatening injuries can occur on the job. Injured workers may be entitled to workers’ compensation, although other avenues of compensation may be available as well.

Construction Accidents

Construction sites are one of the most dangerous work environments. When safety requirements are not closely followed on construction sites, the risk of severe injury is significant. Serious injury to a construction worker could leave him or her out of work for an extended period of time or could prevent them from returning to construction work altogether.

Dangerous Products

Manufacturers have an obligation to design and create safe products with detailed instructions. When they fail to do so and injuries occur, they are liable for the damages caused.

Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Attorneys well-versed in personal injury law have extensive knowledge of these types of cases. The personal injury attorneys at Golitko & Daly have successfully represented numerous personal injury victims, securing maximum settlements or awards for their damages. There are several reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer with this type of experience.

First, your attorney will thoroughly investigate your case. Unfortunately, not all circumstances warrant filing a claim, as the costs to do so could be more than any potential settlement. After reviewing your case, your attorney can tell you whether filing a claim is recommended or not.

If he or she does recommend filing a claim, they can help you do so within the statute of limitations. These limitations vary by state, but for many personal injury claims, it is two years from the date of the injury. You need an attorney who will act swiftly to ensure your claim is filed within these limitations.

An experienced personal injury attorney knows the tactics insurance companies use to minimize victims’ claims. Your attorney can fight these tactics and negotiate a more fair and just settlement based on your injuries and damages. Without proper legal representation, you could end up with a fraction of the settlement you deserve.

Types of Damages

As long as you have an experienced personal injury injury lawyer from Golitko & Daly on your side, you can expect full compensation for the damages you have suffered. The damages you receive compensation for will vary depending on the circumstances of your case and extent of your injury, but may include:

  • Any past, present or future medical expenses related to your injury, including medications, operations, physical therapy, the cost of medical devices or equipment, etc.
  • Lost wages due to a temporary inability to work
  • Lost income if your injury prevents you from working for an extended period of time or permanently
  • Lost earning capacity if your injury renders you unable to return to your previous level of employment and pay
  • Property damages to repair your vehicle, home or any other property damaged in the accident

Your attorney may also pursue damages for non-monetary losses. This may include both the physical and emotional trauma you have suffered. It may also take into account how your injury has negatively affected your quality of life.

Loved ones may also pursue compensatory damages in limited circumstances. Your attorney may also seek punitive damages to further punish a grossly negligent party.

Timeline of a Personal Injury Case

Immediately following an accident, you should seek professional medical treatment. This is not only important for your health but also for your case. If you delay going to see your doctor or to the hospital, insurance companies and their attorneys may argue your injuries are not as significant as you claim.

Once you have received medical treatment, you should contact an attorney. If there is an insurance company involved in your injury, they will commonly attempt to offer you a minimal settlement amount. Consult with an attorney before considering any settlement presented by the insurance company.

After meeting with our attorneys, they will begin to investigate the accident and review your medical records associated with your injury. This will help them establish whether you have a case and determine the extent of compensation to which you may be entitled. At this time, our attorneys may decide to file a lawsuit or attempt to negotiate a settlement before filing a personal injuries claim. If a suit is filed, the discovery process will begin. This process involves an investigation of the evidence both parties possess.

As the discovery period ends, attorneys can initiate negotiation of a settlement. If both parties cannot come to an agreement on a settlement, the case will proceed to trial.

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