Indianapolis Paraplegia and Quadriplegia Injury Attorney

You wake up every morning with the reminder that your life has changed forever. This change is not just physical but also emotional and financial. You likely face mounting medical bills as well as loss of income from a job you can no longer perform.

At Golitko & Daly, you will find experienced and compassionate spinal cord injury lawyers who understand the challenges that you face. Serving Indianapolis, Kokomo, Bloomington, and the entire state of Indiana, we have spent our legal careers helping injury victims find ways to move forward after traumatic accidents.

We have obtained multiple million-dollar recoveries for Hoosier families with paralyzed loved ones to help ease the financial burden and long-term health care costs that are sure to follow.

Mr. Golitko has made it his focus to help paralyzed workers maximize the benefits afforded by the Indiana Workers’ Compensation Board – let us help restore your life as much as possible.

Hoosier Lawyers – Preserving Your Workers’ Comp Claim

If you or a loved one suffers from paraplegia or quadriplegia after a work accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury, it is important to get an attorney involved as soon as possible. The longer you go without workers’ compensation, the harder it will be for you to resolve your case. Also, the longer the workers’ compensation carrier pays minimum benefits, the harder it is to maximize a full recovery.

Treatment plans and health care plans are decided early. Many times insurance companies go through a lot of red tape to change protocol, if not for the help of a legal advocate on your side. Golitko & Daly has years of experience dealing with paralyzed workers and their life-care plans. Let us help ease your burden.

Misleading Insurance Companies

Insurance companies let their bottom lines guide them. An experienced Indiana paraplegia, quadriplegia, or spinal injury attorney can help you ensure that your injury, not the insurance company’s pocket book, is front and center at the negotiation table or in trial.

Golitko & Daly has a statewide practice that deals with cases involving a spinal cord injury and other forms of work injury. From Indianapolis, Kokomo, Bloomington, Fort Wayne, Evansville, Terre Haute, Richmond, Anderson and every Indiana city and town in between, we have traveled the state of Indiana to protect our clients’ rights and have handled cases in several different jurisdictions.

A Track Record with Paralysis Cases – Focused Practice on Work Injury Cases

Whether you were injured in a construction accident, a work-related car accident or another workplace accident, you can trust in Golitko & Daly, P.C. Our Indianapolis paralysis accident lawyers have earned the respect of other injury attorneys and the appreciation of clients throughout Indiana.

We have the resources necessary to take on the most difficult workers’ compensation accidents involving the most serious injuries – including those that have led to paraplegia and quadriplegia. We have an on-staff registered nurse who acts as an attorney on workers’ compensation cases, as well as an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)-certified attorney and work injury focused lawyers to meet your legal needs.

For more information about our experience in spinal cord injuries and paralysis cases, please contact us at our Indianapolis-based law firm. We represent injured individuals in workers’ compensation, personal injury, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and product defect claims.

We have the results and experience to take care of you and your family.  If you or someone you love has suffered a catastrophic spine injury, don’t try it alone – let us be by your side.