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Because of the nature of their work and job sites, construction workers are especially susceptible to serious workplace injuries. 

If you are injured at a worksite, you need a construction accident lawyer to help you recover workers’ compensation benefits and more. After an injury, the Golitko & Daly, P.C. team in Indianapolis, Kokomo, and Bloomington, Indiana, can guide you through every step…

What to Do Immediately after a Construction Site Injury

See a Doctor 

Whether you have a minor or catastrophic injury, such as damage to the spinal cord, seek medical care right away. Some effects may continue to develop in the following days or even weeks.

File a Claim

In Indiana, you have 30 days from the date of your injury to file a workers’ compensation claim. Failing to file a claim within the allotted time can slow down the entire process or result in your claim being denied.

Keep Careful Records

Record your medical expenses, medication receipts and any other costs related to your injury. This will help an attorney build a compelling case.

Call a Lawyer

The attorneys at Golitko & Daly, P.C. are available to help you file or take the next steps if your claim is denied. By hiring a dedicated lawyer, you can ensure that your best interests are protected at all times.

Common Causes of Construction Accidents

Our attorneys will carefully examine all parties involved to determine liability. Construction accidents may result from a failure to adhere to safety regulations by an employer, employee or some other party. They may also result from defective equipment or machinery. After establishing liability for your construction accident, we will begin to build a case for compensation. Regardless of the cause, you should talk with a construction lawyer as soon as possible after any type of construction accident, including those involving:

What Options Are Available to Victims of Construction Accidents?

Workers’ Compensation

By law, employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance covers employee injuries that happen on the job. These benefits cover an injured worker’s medical expenses in full, a percentage of their lost wages, and death benefits if the injury was fatal.Injured workers and their loved ones can obtain workers’ compensation medical and death benefits even if the employee contributed in some way to his or her own injuries. Unlike personal injury claims, workers’ compensation does not cover non-monetary damages, such as pain and suffering. Under most circumstances, employers who carry workers’ compensation insurance are protected from being named in a lawsuit for negligence.

Beyond Workers’ Compensation

Your construction accident may necessitate more than a workers’ compensation claim. It’s possible that a third party shares in the responsibility for the accident and liability for the injuries or wrongful death suffered by the victim. An equipment manufacturer, subcontractor, general contractor or delivery service on the premises could also share partial liability, for example. When representing clients in construction accident liability cases, our team in Indianapolis will investigate the circumstances of your accident and work to hold the responsible parties accountable for your injuries.

Further Investigation of Your Case

No matter the extent of your injuries, you should seek medical attention after any construction accident. This is important for your own well-being, and it also allows you to document your injuries. After your safety has been ensured, our attorneys can begin to investigate the circumstances of your accident by collecting information from the scene and taking photographic evidence. We can contact other employees and eyewitnesses who saw your accident occur while their memories are still fresh. Rest assured, our attorneys have extensive experience filing construction accident liability claims and spinal cord injury liability claims. We will work to secure the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Proving Third-Party Liability

Since our attorneys have worked on all types of construction accident cases, we can recognize the various parties and factors that may have contributed to your injury, even if they are not immediately apparent. Some of the most common third parties who indirectly contribute to a construction accident injury include:

Equipment Manufacturers

If you were injured because a piece of equipment malfunctioned, we can seek compensation from the company that manufactured or designed it.


A subcontractor may have contributed to your injury if he or she allowed unsafe conditions at your construction site. When a subcontractor fails to provide workers with adequate information or safety equipment at the workplace, negligence may have occurred.

Delivery Services

Virtually any company or party other than your direct employer can be held partially responsible for injuries at a worksite. In some cases, a delivery service can directly injure a worker or contribute to a construction site injury by dropping off equipment or materials in a dangerous location. We will investigate all of the parties present on the day of your accident to determine liability.

Fellow Workers

If a fellow employee (or an employee at a third-party company) contributed to your accident directly or indirectly, we may be able to seek compensation from him or her. Additionally, if another employee used equipment improperly or created a dangerous situation that led to your injury, he or she can be held personally liable in some cases.

More Reasons to Choose Our Firm

If you have been involved in a worksite injury mishap and would like to file a construction accident lawsuit – whether in Indianapolis, Kokomo, Bloomington, or anywhere in the state of Indiana – our team can help ensure your rights are protected. The sooner you talk to an  IOSHA-certified (Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration) construction accident attorney, the more likely it is that the truth will come out as to the underlying causes of the unfortunate event.

This is especially true for workplace injuries because employers are quick to cover up any evidence that would detail the circumstances of your injury. A prompt investigation, including observation of the scene of the accident, photographs of equipment and working conditions, and contacting eyewitnesses and union representatives is an important factor in preserving your case. To get the legal help you need in a construction accident, contact Golitko & Daly.

Construction Site Accident Representation

On-the-job accidents are the cause of spinal cord injuries and other catastrophic effects far too often. Construction site accident cases tend to be very complex proceedings and may involve more than one responsible party. With multiple companies, owners, architects, contractors, subcontractors and managers at a worksite, all with their own insurance companies, a simple case can easily become exceedingly complicated. A successful case against so many liable parties involves much more than just filing a claim. Our Indianapolis worker’s rights attorneys will work with you to ensure that your best interests are represented so you can receive the maximum benefits.

Protection against Loss of Income

Following any type of construction accident, Indiana law limits the benefits that can be awarded. Once your work injury claim has been approved by your employer’s insurance carrier, you will be eligible to receive two-thirds of your average weekly wage for the entire period that you are ordered not to work by an authorized physician. Additionally, you may be eligible for payment for impairment or disability, as well as reimbursement for medical expenses and mileage if you are required to travel to see the insurance company’s authorized physicians. Our attorneys will ensure that you receive everything for which you are eligible and prove the full extent of your potential losses, thus maximizing your recovery.

The sooner you talk to an IOSHA-certified construction accident attorney, the more likely it is that the truth will come out as to the underlying causes of the unfortunate event.

Respected and Qualified Construction Accident Attorneys

Construction accident liability cases can often be very complex. Our team will handle legal matters while you begin to seek treatment and heal from your injuries. We can handle your workers’ compensation case as well as any cases against third parties under one roof so that you do not have to work with several different firms.

Golitko & Daly is well respected in the legal community. Other attorneys, as well as our former clients, know that we are well prepared, knowledgeable and ready to take action on behalf of a construction injury victim. We handle both workers’ compensation and third-party personal injury claims all from our Indianapolis, Kokomo, and Bloomington law offices. For clients who are unable to work for 12 months or more following a construction accident, we are qualified to handle your social security disability claim as well. All aspects of your construction accident case will be well coordinated, with the goal of helping you obtain maximum compensation from all available sources.

Our Attorneys

Our qualified attorneys have different areas of focus, all of which benefit our clients.

  • Mr. Golitko is currently the Chairman of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association Workers Compensation Section and has obtained multiple million-dollar workers’ compensation results for our clients.
  • Mr. Daly is an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)-certified attorney in several areas and has worked with several other attorneys throughout the state. He has had several million-dollar results for construction accident and wrongful death cases.
  • Mrs. Golitko is a registered nurse and lawyer. She has a very high success rate before the Social Security Administration and has helped thousands of construction workers who can no longer return to their previous level of employment.
  • Mr. Harts is not only a lawyer but also has an engineering degree that he uses to assist with complicated product liability cases. His years of experience in the world of design defects are invaluable in the context of work injury cases.

Experienced Attorneys On Your Side

Our attorneys will use their wealth of knowledge and experience to fight for the compensation you deserve. When you first meet with one of our attorneys, bring any documentation relating to the accident or injury. If our attorneys believe you may have a case, we will conduct a full investigation.

We will carefully review the accident site and equipment to determine the cause of the accident and liable parties. Once we have the evidence we need and have established liability, we will begin assembling your claim. We will explore all possible avenues for compensation, which may include workers’ compensation, social security and a personal injury claim.

We may negotiate with insurance companies to get you the best settlement. If the insurance company refuses, we can go to court if necessary. Our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers who are unafraid to take on large insurance companies and other large corporations.

The legal avenues we pursue will dictate the type and amount of compensation we can recover for your injury. Workers’ compensation does not allow for damages for pain and suffering, but a personal injury claim does. Our attorneys will keep you informed throughout the process so you know how much compensation you can expect for your injuries.

Our attorneys are committed to protecting the rights of injured workers. In addition to our aggressive representation, we pride ourselves on our: 

  • Proven results 
  • Free consultations for clients 
  • Contingency-based services 
  • Affiliations with the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association, Indianapolis Bar Association, the American Association for Justice, and more

To speak with one of our attorneys about your case, call us at (317) 566-9600 or request a consultation online.