Injured at Work in Indiana? Crawl across the state line?

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Your Indianapolis Indiana Workers Compensation Lawyer has heard the joke many times that if you are hurt in Indiana and are near the state line of Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, or Illinois that the injured hoosier is better off crawling across the state line and getting out of Indiana! Well – this is a slight exaggeration! Indiana has some of the best work comp benefits for seriously injured or paralyzed workers – however – minor and/or mild injuries afford very little compensation or benefits to the injured Indiana worker.

As a work injury attorney that handles injury cases throughout of the entire state of Indiana – we are versed in the BEST option for recovery no matter what state the injury occurs in. There are times when certain cases can be filed in different or multiple states to maximize the benefits of the paralyzed or injured Indiana worker. We are here to offer our expertise in the area of Work Injuries to help you and your family through the challenging time.

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